A Hikers Guide to Reddit

This post is from 11-10-19 for the most recent version, please visit the Resource Page https://trekkerslife.com/a-hikers-guide-to-reddit/

Reddit has become a great place to communicate in the hiking world. There have been many Subreddits dedicated to hiking and adventure. I hope to keep a running list of the relevant Subreddits here.

Activity Based

Gear Based

National Parks

Specific Trails and Places

Vehicle Based Adventure


Over the Horizon: Beautiful new travel show.

Want to encourage your sense of wanderlust:

Check out this new show on Outside TV called Over the Horizon. It’s done by the guys who brought you Departures and Descending.

Coming soon exclusively to Outside TV Features, Over The Horizon is a one of a kind series that takes us to some of the most beautiful places in the South Pacific. This is a journey you are not going to want to miss. Let the voyage begin.

Catch Outside TV here: http://watch.outsidetv.com/