A Hikers Guide to Reddit

This post is from 11-10-19 for the most recent version, please visit the Resource Page https://trekkerslife.com/a-hikers-guide-to-reddit/

Reddit has become a great place to communicate in the hiking world. There have been many Subreddits dedicated to hiking and adventure. I hope to keep a running list of the relevant Subreddits here.

Activity Based

Gear Based

National Parks

Specific Trails and Places

Vehicle Based Adventure


Episode 2 – The Straw Hat Backpacker

Episode 2 – The Straw Hat Backpacker


Ryan Newburn, also known as The Straw Hat Backpacker, became a traveler under very different circumstances than the rest of us. Ryan tells us what led him to backpacking across Japan and eventually through New Zealand. He also discusses his future expeditions, and how he met his expedition partners.



The Straw Hat Backpacker

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