A Hikers Guide to Reddit

This post is from 11-10-19 for the most recent version, please visit the Resource Page https://trekkerslife.com/a-hikers-guide-to-reddit/

Reddit has become a great place to communicate in the hiking world. There have been many Subreddits dedicated to hiking and adventure. I hope to keep a running list of the relevant Subreddits here.

Activity Based

Gear Based

National Parks

Specific Trails and Places

Vehicle Based Adventure


North 61, Minnesota

Minnesota State Highway 61 is a wonderful drive along lake Superior. This is of course the gateway highway north to the ever incredible Boundary Waters and other incredible parks. I hiked the Border Route Trail a few years ago and completely fell in love with the area, so much so that I made my wife visit this year. While she mostly enjoyed it the mosquito’s started to drain her, both physically and mentally. One day she had even awoken with a nice lump over her right eye proclaiming “Oh my god, I got bit in the eye.” I will never be living that one down, not at least anytime soon.

Weekend Watch 6-28-19

This week is John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight special on the current tragedies on Mount Everest and dives deep into the problems that face the famous peak.

Weekend watch is a weekly series where a new adventure is posted every week for you to watch.